Friday, November 5, 2010

Guess who's home...

Ok, enough of the heavy-handed politicalness...why? Because Hubby is home!!!! And all of a sudden...he is all that matters to me again :).

Kienow Harvest 2010 in South Dakota has finished successfully - no serious injuries of people or equipment. That is a success in my book!

I picked him up around noon after his direct FSD-ATL flight on Thursday morning, and took the rest of the day off to hang out.

We had a "welcome home" lunch at La Hacienda, our favorite Mexican place in Peachtree City. We followed up with a quick tour of my VERY CLEAN house, and petted our kitties like crazy - they really missed him too! We did some (a lot) of fish tank maintenance and plotted what fishies we might buy next. After a quick nap, we settled in to watch a few old (to me) episodes of Glee, then a yummy dinner and an early night in.

WHOOPEE!!! I am so glad to have my partner home again!

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