Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun with AMY!!!!

Look who came to dinner...check out my photos on Facebook!!!

We had so much fun. I picked her up on Friday night, and we picked up some wine on the way home. Gabbing over wine, cheese, grapes, and crackers was so fun - we stayed up until 1:30AM!

On Saturday, we woke up late and had a quick workout in our bomb-diggity workout room - she on the treadmill and I on the elliptical. A quick shower and we were off to lunch at Thai Spice in Peacthree City. Our appetizer was for basil rolls, and I had SPICY green curry while she had pad see ew...super yum. (I NEVER GET TIRED OF THAI FOOD!!!)

We walked around in the sunshine of the outdoor shopping center for a long time, and eventually stopped into Ann Taylor to check out the sale racks. I bought her a super cute top for $6 and of course bought myself an awesome bracelet for $21.

A quick trip to Tea Fusion for some snowflake tea (a black tea combo of coconut, cinnamon, and chocolate) and found a park bench to watch the trick-or-treaters go from store to store and pick up candy.

Over the course of the next hour or so we saw LOTS of Disney princesses, Iron Mans, Spidermans, and even some pirates. My favorite kid costume? A little girl, maybe 1 or 2, dressed as a CUPCAKE - complete with a cherry-on-top hat and squeak-squeak-squeak shoes. My favorite adult costume? A bona fide Storm Trooper. Awesome.

A quick trip back home for some relaxing, then we headed to Midtown to visit Fat Matt's Rib Shack, a dive BBQ place with arguably the best food in Atlanta. And live blues!!! Who can resist?

Sunday went way too fast - we just hung out, ate our leftover Thai food, and took Amy to the airport by 1:30PM. I am so glad she came to visit and can't wait for the next one!!!

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Amy said...

Definately a nice relaxing weekend with excellent food and company! I'm ready for December and some above freezing temps :)