Friday, August 29, 2014

5-6 month old...

Ok, moms - when do you stop counting by weeks and start counting by months?!  Ethan is 24 weeks old, so is that 5 or 6 months old??

Anyway, here is a day in the life of Little Duck at 24 weeks old!!!
  • Daily Baby Pilates by grabbing his toes and pulling them to his mouth
  • Puts everything in his mouth, including your fingers
  • Rolls onto his back to tummy and is STUCK (even though he used to be able to roll tummy to back!!)
  • Giggles and smiles when you chomp on his fingers and toes
  • Gives open mouth slobbery kisses to mommy and daddy's cheeks and necks
  • Has become a side sleeper
  • Holy distractable nursing, Batman.  Hey, was that Daddy?!  Hey, the sun came out from under a cloud!  Hey, I think I heard air blow!  I better look!
  • Loves to stick his fingers in your mouth and grab your nose
  • Tries to move the paci and bottle nipple over to the side to chew on it
  • Fiddles with his ear when sleepy nursing
  • Loves to suck on his toes, even better if he is in jammies so he can make the fabric all wet
  • Kick, kick, kicks during bathtime and gets half the water out onto the counter and Daddy
  • Favorite songs and rhymes: Jesus Loves Me, Skinnamarinkydink, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Daisy Daisy, All God's Critters, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Bright Sun Comes Up, Are You Sleeping, Ethan-Ethan-Bo-Bethan, and he LOVES Pharrell Williams Happy and Iggy Azalea Fancy (I know)
  • Favorite books: The Going to Bed Book, Are You a Cow?, OhmyOhmyOh Dinosaurs, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Brown Bear Brown Bear
  • Favorite toys: Daddy, Butterfly, Squiggle (below picture), pull-apart rings, O-ball, stuffed Tigger, Mommy's blankie, baby jumper, play gym dangles

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