Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This year Jeff and I decided we would stay in Georgia for Thanksgiving.  We had just seen his folks, and aunt, my parents were scheduled to come the weekend after, and we are going home for Christmas.

So what better way to spend Thanksgiving (and our anniversary) than on a mini-vacation to Savannah!  With our camper!!

We had a perfect little spot at the Savannah South KOA - right on the lake, at the end, with a great view of all the swans and other waterfowl.

After heading out post-workday on Wednesday (and a super-fast setup, as promised), we spend Thanksgiving morning hiking at Skidaway Island State Park.

We watched little crabs play in the salt marshes, as the tide was out (but coming in) during our hike.  We also got the BEST geocache trackable ever...a GIANT geocoin!  I cannot WAIT to move it on.

After that, it was back to camp for showers and to relax a bit before Thanksgiving dinner.  We went down to the common area where the KOA had prepared a turkey feast!  If you wanted to participate, you just had to bring a dish - we brought pumpkin pies...mmmm....

On Friday we headed into the Historic District in downtown Savannah.  No shopping for us!!!  Just a really great "trolley" tour with a fun narrator, telling us all the history, architectural highlights, anecdotes, and jokes along the various squares of the city.

After our trolley tour it was finally time for lunch.  We had lunch at the super yummy riverfront, reveling in the day's catch.

If Jeff looks super excited and distracted, it's because this is going by:

More walking around, having candy, seeing geocachers (!), and then time for dinner again - this time celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary!!!  LOVE YOU POOKIE

The next day was slated for Tybee Island.  The ocean was BEAUTIFUL, even if a bit breezy and cool.

We wrapped up our day with a visit to the historic lighthouse.

Back to camp, then headed home on Sunday.  What a great holiday weekend!

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