Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home for a few hours

I am home from Philly! What a whirlwind trip - we saw 13 hotels in 2.5 days and also managed to walk around the city and get the lay of the land a little. I am definitely going back to see the Liberty Bell. But like my pilot said, no rush, it will still be cracked when I get around to seeing it.

We are experimenting with a Cat Genie. It is a kitty box that is piped into a water source so it self-washes everyday and no more scooping! Maddie has taken to it right away, but our little skittish, scaredy cat Bella doesn't want anything to do with it. So she is currently locked away in laundry room, Flowers in the Attic style, until she sees the light.

Other than that, not much else happening! I am glad my girl Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars and I hope Adam wins Idol tonight.

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